For organizations with fewer than 250 users or devices, the Microsoft Open agreements provide volume discounts for a minimal up-front cost and are widely available through the worldwide partner channel. Open agreements provide the following three purchasing license options for commercial businesses:

Open License is for customers who want a minimum initial purchase of only five software licenses. This program is ideal if you prefer to pay as you go and change your licensing agreement as your organization grows. You can also qualify for volume purchasing under the volume feature of Open License. Open volume purchasing is for customers who can meet minimum purchase levels based on a system of product pools and points. With an entry minimum of 500 points from a single product pool, this program offers deeper discounts for a greater savings.

Open Value Subscription is for customers who want to subscribe to, rather than acquire, Microsoft product licenses. Available in select countries or regions, Microsoft Open Value Subscription provides the lowest up-front costs of the Open options with the flexibility for customers to reduce their total licensing costs in years when their desktop PC count declines.

Open Value is for organizations with as few as five PCs and offers the advantages of Software Assurance, simplified license management, and an annual payment structure. Open Value offers Organization-wide and Non– Organization-wide options.


In addition to size, consider your organization’s primary function. For example, special pricing is available for government, academic, and nonprofit organizations.

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