User/Device, Services, or Add-on Subscription Licenses

For organizations with more than five users, Microsoft offers a new way to quickly subscribe to and use Microsoft Online Services, and organizations with as few as five users can subscribe to and use Microsoft Online Services. Because Online Services are subscription-based, you pay per user per month or per user per year. With the new Microsoft Online Subscription Program (MOSP), you can quickly subscribe online, rapidly deploy services, and manage your licenses by using an online management tool.

Licensing under the online services model includes one or more of the following:
  • User Subscription License or Device Subscription License (USL or DSL). For offerings that require these, USLs and DSLs are needed for each user or device that accesses the online service.
  • Services Subscription License (SSL). For offerings that require these, this license applies to the entire organization’s use of the online service. User, Device, or Add-on SLs may also be required, depending on the service offering.
  • Add-on Subscription License (Add-on SL). This license sometimes is used instead of or in addition to USLs,  DSLs, and SSLs. Its purpose varies. For example, it can apply to a specified number of consumed units, such as gigabytes of storage, or it can apply to a single server accessed by external users. Add-on subscription licenses are not always required.

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